Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daisy Mae needs a new hip

As many of you know, I love my dogs as much as I love any person I know. My girl Daisy Mae has hip dysplasia in her right hip and needs a rather pricey surgery to fix it permanently so she doesn't have to take meds for the rest of her life that could very well cause liver disease and kill her at some point.

I'm going to be pinching my pennies and saving saving saving up to try to get the money ($8,000 in total) for the surgery, but I could really use some help.

Any amount you want to contribute will be extremely gratefully appreciated, no matter how small. And since I will be leaving the chipin up and active for the next six months at least, you can contribute at any time, I'm attaching this chipin page to my blog, and will be reposting it on FB every so often.

It would be especially nice to get some contributions in it for my birthday. :)

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