Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clementine has a tummy ache.

Clemmie is not feeling well. She spent the afternoon at the vet after vomiting all morning, continuing from last night. She got into my bathroom trash Sunday evening, and apparently ate a couple of icy/hot patches as well as we don't know what else. 

They did xrays, found she has a mass in her colon, poop and...stuff, that has impacted and isn't coming out on its own very well, so they gave her an enema to try to help things along (which it did, all over the back seat of my car on the way home tonight, but there's still a lot more in there).

They also are doing a barium study to see if there's any blockage in her intestinal tract that they can't see on the xrays, what with the massive poop in her colon in the way and all, she has to go back tomorrow morning first thing and stay at the hospital all day so they can track the barium they gave her today that's still in her stomach right now. 

They also did a blood test to check for pancreatitis, we're hoping that's not the problem, but need to know for sure. They'll have the results of that tomorrow. 

They wanted to keep her overnight, but there isn't anyone there at night so I insisted I pick her up and bring her home to monitor her and keep her comfortable and take her back in the morning. I didn't want her to be in the hospital for 12 hours all by herself with no one keeping an eye on her. 

We're very much hoping that she just needs to poop a lot of stuff out (so far there has been some very fibrous-looking stuff coming out with the poop, so hopefully it's all just poop and fiber in there and nothing that is sharp or hard) and has a really bad tummy ache and there isn't an intestinal foreign body blockage or a case of pancreatitis going on. 

The estimate for all this treatment is $672. We all know I don't make a lot of money, and I've been trying hard to save for Daisy's future hip surgery. Clemmie's new dad, Greg, is willing to pitch in to help with the costs, but it's still a lot of money for us both. And he's not even officially her owner yet, since we haven't signed the adoption paperwork yet. But he's already a good dad, and is just as worried about her as I am. 

I've had an incredibly long, worrisome, anxious, busy, tiring day - I had 10 walks/visits today that I had to manage to get done around taking Clem to the vet and picking her up again, it wasn't easy - what with the unexpected stop at Walmart to clean poop out of the backseat (I'll be needing to buy a new Thomas Guide, as well as a hat for walking dogs, and there will be a rather stinky load of laundry happening soon, which will include my car club jacket, both my hoodies, and a flannel I keep in the car in case I need to do dirty stuff on the go) and buy a couple of cheap towels, and I just got home at 9:30 p.m. after having started my day at 7:30 a.m. 

Clemmie has sad face right now, and so do I. So we'd appreciate any and all good vibes and positive thoughts and all that sent our way.

A couple of friends wanted to help with her vet bill, so I created a new chip in for it: